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About Adult Education Programme

Trinity has always helped new arrivals learn English.  Our classes specifically support beginner level students, many of whom find a community setting less intimidating than a college campus.
The adult education classes at Trinity offer basic literacy skills and are open to the local community.

IT Classes

Thanks to a £5,000 grant from the Nominet Trust we were able to purchase ten laptops and become a registered UK On Line Centre.  We offer IT as part of our Adult Education Programme which enables students to learn skills such as understanding the internet, basic word processing, emails and how to search.  Classes take place every Thursday morning and afternoon.

Pen Pal Project

One of our most successful projects was with Barclays, whose staff volunteered to take part in our Pen Pal Project.   A regular exchange of emails between the pen pals helped our students improve their English, literacy and IT in a practical and immediate manner.  After many months of writing to each other, volunteers met students who were able to talk about themselves using their newly acquired skills to show images of their country and talk about their culture.

'We are all very pleased to have given 20 minutes of our normal, busy routine to support the Centre and such an admirable cause. Most rewarding for us all was the enthusiasm and energy we saw from our Pen Pals and Centre's Volunteers and how much of a difference Barclays made to the centre by supporting the project.' Barclays volunteer.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our extra-curricular activities are an integral part of our education programme. These include workshops on budgeting and managing money, understanding the health system, healthy eating and traffic light system on food, recycling, as well as other topics of interest and relevance.


Our Graded Readers Library is now open to the public in addition to our ESOL students in order to encourage those with basic English to read for pleasure and improve their language skills.


Confidential counselling is available for women who attend our Adult Eduaction Classes.


Our Projects

Trinity Day Care Nursery

Is Ofsted approved and registered. We provide full day care for children from 6 months to 5 years.

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Aims to develop positive minds to help children build their lives and become active participants in their communities.

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Adult Education Programme

Trinity has always helped new arrivals to learn English. Our classes support beginner level students to gain basic literacy.

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Provides opportunities for social interaction, mutual support and activities for Asian women and girls.

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Independent Groups

An important feature of our work is supporting and encouraging local people to develop their own interests.

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